French arrest 30 Yellow Vests with masks and hammers

6e92d687f7c3cba5faa15fd513f244bc - French arrest 30 Yellow Vests with masks and hammers

PARIS/ADINKERKE – The French police has more than thirty people were arrested shortly before the protests that Saturday in the country are held.

A Yellow Jacket is searched Saturday morning in Paris.

The detainees are almost all people from outside the capital or in Paris are held. They were, for example, in the possession of masks, catapults, or hammers. The police think that the rioters and not peaceful demonstrators.

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In total, as yet, almost 180 people to stand at the controls. The authorities fear that the protests of the ’cardigans jaunes’ (yellow shirts) against the loss of purchasing power just like a week ago lead to violence.

In the Belgian province of West-Flanders ’Yellow Bibs’ the highway (E40) to Dunkirk to the French border is blocked.

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