France is bracing itself for new riots

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PARIS – France is bracing itself for new protests. In Paris, about 8000 ordetroepen used and remain tourist attractions such as the eiffel tower and the Louvre museum, close. Also get the authorities belongings of the street as makeshift weapons can be used.

Shops around the famous Champs Elysees have already taken measures against possible civil unrest Saturday.

The French capital changed last week Saturday, once again into a battlefield as demonstrators clashed with the police. Protesters stop also vehicles on fire and looted shops. Even the famous Arc de Triomphe had to pay for it. The government has announced this time nationwide as’n 89.000 men to convert to any riots in the head button.

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The cardigans jaunes’ (Yellow Shirts) have argued for weeks against the policies of the French government that their purchasing power would undermine it. The immediate reason was a tax increase on gasoline and diesel. That measure would lead to a cleaner environment. The government of president Emmanuel Macron is now teruggekrabbeld, but the spirit seems not back in the bottle.


The spontaneous protest movement has spawned in other countries. The authorities in Brussels have for Saturday is also prepared for possible protests by protesters in yellow vests. The police beat recently already dozens of people in the chains when such a demonstration in the Belgian capital, from the hands and ran.

Also in the Netherlands, gathering more and more Yellow Bibs. Last week Saturday protested for the first time she in and around the Binnenhof in the Hague. For today are new actions in the country as announced.

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