Flikken Maastricht started at new year

9ddcf65c72c6975f7eb2aa827db3a9a1 - Flikken Maastricht started at new year

In Flanders, it is to wait until the summer before Flikken Maastricht start, but in the Netherlands this week volume thirteen started. Angela Drive is every time again surprised when she hears that Flikken Maastricht there will be a season to get. “When I began (in 2007, red.), I had never imagined that the series for so long,” says Drive in the Dutch press. “Actually, we wait every year in just as much suspense as the viewer that we are a year round must.And every time if that is the case, I think: again, how is it possible?””, according to the 39-year-old Drive. She calls the series a part of her life, cause she got children in which spin period and saw her peers get older. “It’s like a close-knit family.”

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