European socialists want, Frans Timmermans as chairman of the Commission

The European socialists, the Dutch Frans Timmermans Saturday officially chosen as their candidate for the presidency of the European Commission.

The more than a thousand delegates supported the candidacy of the former Dutch minister of Foreign Affairs during a party congress in Lisbon.

Timmermans is the current vice-chairman of the Commission, and his appointment was a formality. He had no rival.

‘I can’t make a female candidate, but I can be a feminist candidate, tweette Timmermans Saturday. The politician argues for a progressive policy and a climate-friendly Europe. He cited in his speech at the congress also to conservative forces in Europe.

Next year, in may there are European elections. After that ballot, should a successor be chosen from the current president of the European Commission, the Luxemburger Jean-Claude Juncker. The European Parliament demands that the new president the candidate of the political group that gets the most votes in the European elections.

Timmermans, the candidate for the socialists, Manfred Weber, the European people’s Party (EPP) addressed. It is likely that the European people’s Party (EPP) was once again the largest group.

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