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‘Drunk’ F1 pilot, steals the show during the FIA gala

d6a20cce5d4e6738ddbdea1898506606 - 'Drunk' F1 pilot, steals the show during the FIA gala

Yesterday the FIA gala in Saint-Petersburg. Lewis Hamilton got next to the trophy for the title of world champion is also a trophy for ‘Personality of the Year’. However, it was Kimi were times that with all the attention went away.

The Fin had apparently something deep in the glass looked and went really ‘happy’ on stage. Presenter Nicki Shields disguised it a little in her commentary: “Kimi has very much enjoyed this evening”.

Were times yourself hugged just about everyone near him on the podium. Especially team-mate Sebastian Vettel got the one embrace after the other.

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