Dream come true for actor Ben Segers

aae66b7a4a87fa129b6ca13bd49aca47 - Dream come true for actor Ben Segers

Ben Segers was 10 years old when he of St. the book of The Colleagues got. The boy was addicted to the legendary series and knew every dialogue and oneliner of the head. That there is now a movie comes from The Colleagues is also a little bit of his merit.

Ben Segers we know of “What If?”, “Biker Boys” and “Safety First”, but as a small boy, he was completely under the spell of The Colleagues, the legendary GRT series. Ever wanted small Am even participate in “Bet” because he had the whole series of outside could cancel. Thanks to Ben Segers’ enthusiasm came the film about The Colleagues there. The Colleague’s 2.0 is not a remake of the old series, but a new version. The characters must, after all, people from 2018 proposals, that was very important…

Nice is also, that all former colleagues a cameorolletje have in the new film. As a small boy, was Ben Segers especially a fan of “belhamel” Jean De Pesser, played by Jaak Van Assche. How incredible is it that he several times already, with his idol on the same set. It was also due to The Colleagues that Ben Segers as a child, she dreamed to be an actor. Not only because it is acting on him looked nice, but also because the series of him an important life lesson had been taught. While the little Ben Segers a beautiful, carefree youth in Arendonk polite, he learned thanks to The Colleagues of the later work as an adult is not all moonlight and roses. Ben Segers also want to an important misunderstanding about The Colleagues from the world help.

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