Don Diablo half way with new album

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“2018 was the craziest year of my life. A collaboration with Star Wars to a top 10 ranking in the DJ Mag Top 100. During this, I was international the most played producer in clubs and at festivals. It is by far my most beautiful years,” says Don Diablo, for the camera of the ANP.

Don Diablo performs Saturday night 4.5 hours in AFAS Live. He calls that particular. All because he during the evening’s show only their own music. “My own music, my own remixes and my own tracks. I have never done before,” says the dj, whose real name is Don Pepijn Schipper says.

Solo show

Future XL is his largest solo show to date. “The show was last summer in no time sold out. I offer my audiences on a journey through my musical past, present and future. With the tracks that I had for years no longer turn, and only known in the Netherlands, because my international breakthrough was 4.5 years ago. You are going to almost all to hear what I’ve produced in the last seven, eight years. So only their own productions. So that makes it very personal. Normally you have no time for. If I was at a festival stand or in a club, I am quite in a hurry busy and think of all the plates that I still need to run. Tonight is a whole other set. It is not a dj set tonight for my feeling, but more of a concert.”

In 2019 wants, Don Diablo, an even bigger solo show in the Netherlands. “That’s definitely going to get done. AFAS Live turns out to be too small. In addition, I’m going to make an album. My previous album is this year come true. I have for years worked, for far too long. This year I’m just going to be faster to produce, faster decisions. I already have almost half of the album. So that is good.”

Don Diablo has the feeling of still but at the foot of the mountain. “I’ve spent years in the shadow lived, never a lucky break and had received little support in his own country. So that I am not in the Netherlands on the radio. It took years for a spot to capture in this scene. I wanted to do it on my own, with my own vision. I am from number 82 to number 7 increased in the DJ Mag Top 100. I have a feeling that I have only just started. I want to still do a lot.”

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