De Jong: ’Girlfriend confronted me with the amount of 75 million euro

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Frenkie de Jong

“My girlfriend confronted me with the amount of 75 million euros to Paris Saint-Germain for me would want to pay to Ajax,” said De Jong.

“Oh dear, I thought when I got the sleep out of my eyes rubbed. The only thing I about can and will say is that there is still no deal. The official decision has yet to be taken and as long as it plays a transfer not for me,” says The Young are diplomatic.

“My full focus is on Ajax focused. With still five matches to go until the winter break, this weekend against PEC and for the Champions League against Bayern Munich, I can not make it to busy with, ’I go over there or over there.’ That would be from my side also not testify to the respect in the direction of Ajax and my teammates.”

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“I make season anyway at Ajax’

The one thing that insured The Young. “I will make the season here at Ajax and go anyway not away in the winter.” The link with Paris Saint-Germain is already the Kylian Mbappé, with whom The Young contact. The French superstar broke earlier in the week, a lance for the introduction of The Young to Paris. “It’s always nice when such a good player has positive things to say about you. Criticism I can well hear, but it’s always more fun to get compliments. Nice to hear as Mbappé saying something similar. That everyone will find fun?”

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