Comey talks again with House commission USA

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WASHINGTON – Former FBI director James Comey will again make a statement against a commission of the House of Representatives.

Former FBI-director James Comey in Capitol Hill in Washington.

He agreed after he Friday even though the commission had talked about the investigations into Hillary Clinton’s use of a privéserver for her e-mails. That happened behind closed doors.

The Donald Trump fired former chief of the investigation wanted in the first instance not to come testify. Only after it was agreed that he the freedom to get everything that has been said to make it public, he wanted Friday appear.

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“As the transcript reads, you can see that we on earth are to talk again about the e-mails from Hillary Clinton, so I’m not sure whether we actually need to do”, responded to Comey after. Out of politeness, he has all the questions answered, ” he said. According to the former FBI director had the hearing to the public in the olympics. 17 december, he appears again in front of the commission.

The lawyer of Comey argued earlier that the Republican members of the former-FBI-chief behind closed doors wanted to hear, so they then selective information could leak.

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