Comedian Paul Haenen married after 46 years

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Paul Haenen and in the background Dammie van Geest

“That was beautiful and romantic, but also practical,” says Haenen. “We have a house in France. The legislation is different, a marriage is fiscally handy in case something happens to one of us. We were suddenly doing, because I, last summer, a week in the hospital with serious complaints.”

Haenen and Spirit to manage and exploit together the theatre, Betty Asphalt in Amsterdam. Here plays Haenen every year in december a eindejaarsvoorstelling with his alter-ego Margreet Dolman and Reverend Gremdaat. Also Of Mind plays a regular role in the show as Doctor Valentine. Haenen is further known in the Netherlands as the voice of Bert in sesame street, who he’s known since 1976 by speaking.

The popular eindejaarsvoorstelling this year celebrates an anniversary; it is the 25th time that the duo decembershow. The show, which is a ’hiding place for kersthaters’ offers, is now a phenomenon with many loyal fans. There are no more cards for the performances in the christmas holidays; however, there are still tickets for the first two weeks of January.

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