CNN office in New York briefly evacuated after bomalarm

0efdb39a4534b27cdd8dd2dc694ea842 - CNN office in New York briefly evacuated after bomalarm

The office of the American news channel CNN in New York was yesterday evacuated after a bomalarm. In a telephone call, it was announced that five bombs were hidden in the Time Warner Center, reported in the American media. The police gave the building in the meantime, again, made the station famous.

Thursday night had someone in a phone call, about 22 hours local time, reported that there are five springtuigen in the building layers. A program was interrupted. The office of CNN was cleared. The New York city police investigated the building. Pedestrians and vehicles were allowed to the area.

Around midnight local time, police raided the building again. “The area is safe for everyone to return”, said the president of CNN Worldwide, Jeff Zucker.

In October the building was already evacuated after a package containing an explosive was discovered in the mailroom of the news channel. There were several suspicious packages sent to prominent Democratic politicians and steungevers in the country. No rig came to blast.

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