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Club Brugge heavily afflicted after defeat: “Not to see, a shame”

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The 2-1 defeat in Beveren came in hard at Club Brugge. Especially the way we sat deep.



2 – 1

Club Brugge

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Denswil: “Not to see”

Stefano Denswil was not happy with the way Club Brugge and the boat was gone. “This was not to see. We need to take this analyze, because this can not be. You can have a contest to lose, but not this way. We were, however, started well. We got a lot of chances in the first half. But after the break we walked behind the facts. We gave the hometown audience and the hosts hope. And yes, that 2-1, that was a klotegoal.”

Shaper: “A disgrace”

Ruud Molder could not be satisfied with his second goal of the season. “That he was beautiful? Thank you, but where I am now is no good. I am really fed up. It is a shame that we lose against the last in the standings. According to me they had this season haven’t won in your own home and then calculated against us. This is unfamiliar and it would not be allowed to be on our level. But it happens more often with us, that it is not running well against the last. The reason for this? We walked to far backward. If we have high pressure had continue to convert in the second half, this was not done.”

Leko: “Painful”

Also Ivan Leko was clearly excited: “It is painful to lose”, said the coach. “In the whole of the match our goalkeeper no rescue should be run… We created little but also gave little away, a typical 0-0. When we were on 0-1 came, that was the perfect scenario. If Wesley than that opportunity, the match probably played it. But then it took us two goals.. Painful, difficult to more to say about it. A shame.”

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