Clashes with police and Yellow Shirts in Brussels

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BRUSSELS – In the centre of Brussels demonstrators clashed hit with the riot police.

The police in Brussels got clashed with Yellow Vests.

The police put tear gas in order to prevent Yellow Vests to the headquarters of the European Union on the Schumannplein went. First encountered approximately five hundred Yellow Vests on a bead of the police and when they tried it via a different street, where the clashes with the riot police came, reported news agency Belga.

To prevent rioters to join the protests, according to Belgian media, dozens of people with prior checks by the police, arrested, especially on railway stations in Brussels. According to a police spokeswoman are fifty people arrested.

How many Yellow Shirts in several places in the Belgian and European capital on the leg, is still unclear. The protest focuses just as in the French example against the high fuel prices and the decrease of the purchasing power.

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