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Chelsea rubs Manchester City’s first defeat, Hazard decisive with two assists

851b7bac3a0fb7fd64ab37b33e504fd3 - Chelsea rubs Manchester City's first defeat, Hazard decisive with two assists

Chelsea has Manchester City’s first defeat in the Premier League bounded. The Blues had not many opportunities, but they twinkled out in the finish: it was 2-0 after goals from N’Golo Kanté and David Luiz. Eden Hazard gave the assists for both goals and got the lead in a applauswissel.

Chelsea had but one assignment as the this season wanted to play for the title in the Premier League: winning. The Blues were after a meager 4 to 12, rounded off with a loss against Wolverhampton Wanderers last Wednesday, the connection with the top two completely lost. Against Manchester City, for the time being second to the profits of Liverpool earlier on Saturday, was the so of must.

Chelsea goes through the game

The visitors made their advantage on the less good form of Chelsea, and took the match right away in your hands. Sterling decorated after nine minutes the first chance for City, but he kicked the ball right into the arms of Kepa. A moment later, also got Sané a chance, but the young German waited too long and could not on purpose decisions. Really a lot of great opportunities could the Citizens not to decorate, but the party dominated them. Chelsea ran there in the private Stamford Bridge, often a bit melancholic, but the defence was pal.

Both teams seemed a little with a satisfactory 0-0 the dressing room, but on the stroke of peace, came the opening goal, suddenly falling from the sky. Actually on the side of Chelsea, that for minute, 45 still not a single shot was discharged. The first appeared however immediately the good. After a brilliant cross pass from David Luiz kept Eden Hazard good the overview. His low cross remained untouched by Pedro and ended up then with N’Golo Kanté, who, with the inside foot staalhard in the roof of the goal he kicked. Ederson was beaten: Chelsea was with a small lead over the break. And that is despite a whopping 62 percent possession of the ball from the visitors.

Hazard gives second assist

The opening goal had Chelsea clear confidence, because The Blues came stronger out of the dressing room. William decided right on Ederson, while Kepa on the other side a free-kick from Walker out of his goal ranselde. City kept the pressure high, but developed hardly any good chances. With something less than a quarter of an hour on the clock gave the Citizens the kiss of death, again after an assist from Hazard: the captain of the Red Devils painted a corner kick right on the curl of David Luiz, who is about Ederson back the ball in goal headlined: 2-0.

After the second goal from Chelsea was the match in a decisive move. Eden Hazard was in the final stage have a well-deserved applauswissel. Scored there was no more, giving The Blues a vital victory books in the title: they have come back to Arsenal in third place and approaching to within seven points of Manchester City, which is now second. The new leader in the Premier League is Liverpool: The Reds won earlier in the day with 0-4 Bournemouth and have one point lead over Man City.

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