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Canesin guides KV Oostende over red lantern Lokeren

80b98ba68e71b6c1706bf166d6f73f84 - Canesin guides KV Oostende over red lantern Lokeren

KV Oostende has on the eighteenth match day of the Jupiler Pro League with the smallest difference are won over Lokeren. A clever goal from Fernando Canesin in his 200th match for KV Oostende twenty minutes for the time provided for the decision. KVO picked up a golden victory, and sits with 22 points provisionally safe, Lokeren takes the red lantern to Daknam.

‘t Was Friday night for both KV Oostende as Lokeren solid scare. Waasland-Beveren-Club Brugge: 2-1! Panic! Lokeren was suddenly alone last in the standings, and KV Oostende – with one victory in nine matches – it felt the wreath of degradatiekandidaten still firmer in the neck, panting. A victory would be for both teams gold mean, although the conditions were at that crucial duel in the left table to play anything but ideal. Due to the inclement rainy weather on the sea, there was very little doubt as to whether the match could continue, and just after the kick-off, a cloudburst for apocalyptic scenes in the Versluys Arena. Really inspiring work, obviously not. In a balanced (and boring) party took over Ostend the most initiative, but the final pass was missing each time. If it is then all up to a doelpoging came, came every time a visitor is appropriate. The biggest chance fell to the street when the light briefly went out with KVO-goalkeeper Ondoa. The Kameroener played the ball poeslief in the feet of Hupperts which in turn Marecek operated, but that last shot the ball in the sixteen. Well, Lokeren. If you have such opportunities verkwanselt, you should not complain that your last state.

Without rain and with dry shirts decided both teams there is a second half with more spirit. During the first ten minutes of the rest went to Ostend again insist. After losing possession of Skulason tried Coopman – who this season is still dry, the ball in vain in purpose to slip. Then immediately tried Zivkovic and Boonen, each with a kopballetje. Lokeren tried to lie on the counter, but played every opportunity on the half way line very. After that fun openingskwartier of the second half we were back on our sit and wait. To Canesin is with him again went to interfere. The Brazilian was for the match to be honored, because he played his 200th match for KVO. After the match, there was a party, because he took 20 minutes before time with a beautiful goal for a relief of the button in Ostend. Through the center he took the action himself, and after a (failed?) bit of Zivkovic worked Canesin governed in the corner. The visitors tried with a slotoffensiefje still something to force, but Ostend held out. The kustjongens can with 22 points a quiet second half to meet. Lokeren will be left with is the red lantern, and must gradually take his place in 1A.

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