British millionaire’s daughter (22) was murdered in the hotel during the tour of the world

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The police of New Zealand suspects that the British millionaire’s daughter Grace Millane (22), which since a week missing, was murdered. There is now a suspect (26) held with whom the student on december 1, was last seen at a hotel in Auckland.

Grace Millane from the English Essex came 20 november in the New Zealand city of Auckland. They stayed at the City Life Hotel in the centre of the city, a hostel for backpackers.

On Saturday 1 december and met Grace a man. Security cameras explained how they had a couple of hours later, around half past ten, the hotel entered. Since then, lacking any trace of the young lady.

Also on her birthday, the day after, it remained eerily silent. That was, according to her father David Millane very unusual. He arrived Friday in Auckland to give his daughter to find.

“Grace is a sweet, spontaneous and on its family-oriented young woman,” said her afflicted father to the press. “We normally have every day contact with her. That they are so long no contact with us, is unusual. We are very worried. It is a difficult time for us and it is difficult to describe where we are as a family now to go through it.’

Terrible suspicions

At a press conference and let the police know are ‘serious concerns’. The police did research in the hotel, and barely 24 hours later, they could put the 26-year-old hotelganger pick up for a hearing. Investigators searched his car and trying to figure out where the vehicle last week has been.

But agents have the father in the meantime been informed of their terrible suspicions. Chief inspector Scott Beard has told him that the police still do not know where the body of his daughter is located, but that they will do to her body back to find her family to deliver.

‘Our research has shown that Grace is not alive anymore. There is now talk of an investigation of a killing”, said Beard. “We don’t know where Grace is, but we’ll find her.’

There is a team of twenty police officers on the case. The suspect Monday will be sued and brought to court.

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