BOD-Jaap gives hope on love, not on

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On what ’thought-provoking’ moments after, he has enjoyed his participation and he had never expected the selection to come to participate. “There are thirteen in a dozen. Although I the true have not yet found, I have certainly not regretted my participation. ’Farmer wants a Wife’ brought me closer to myself”, he tells the Leidsch Dagblad.

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During the last broadcast, last week Sunday, in which he only to the reunion came, he found it not easy . “Last Sunday I had it very difficult.” Although in the beginning it seemed that he was fond of Marian, appeared there after the recordings, not enough to sit for a solid relationship. ,Of course, I bale. But the love and feeling can’t force you,” said the sober Jaap.

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With Petra, which he had previously rejected in the program, in the re-ran it on nothing. “We have a couple of times, agreed, but more wasn’t possible.”

Still goes Jaap not being down in the dumps now that the adventure has ended. “I must not think on my seventieth still only sitting on the sofa.” For example, he lets know to the newspaper that he is the submissions a further look and also says the comments have been to. “I hope that there will be a fun someone between.”

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