Boca Juniors requires still a trophy, and puts the case for the CAS

Boca Juniors picks up and explains the case surrounding the Copa Libertadores for the CAS

Boca claimed the trophy after the serious riots at the stadium of River Plate prior to the second duel, therefore, was not played. The bus from Boca was pelted in which players were injured. The first match in the stadium of Boca, was in 2-2 finished.

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Boca had the requirement previously in the South American football association Conmebol submitted, but found Friday in appeal no reply. “We had then ten days to go to the CAS and to have the first day done”, was an official of Boca, who wished to remain anonymous, know.

The two aartsrivalen from the Argentine capital meet each other on neutral ground, Sunday in the stadium of Real Madrid. According to the official, the case anyway with the submission to the CAS, regardless of the outcome of the duel of Sunday.

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