Another uncertainty about new presenter Expedition Robinson

According to Art want to the top of RTL until after the finale of the current season of Expedition Robinson on 20 december, a decision to make. “RTL would like to, I’m going to present. Officially it is only after 20 december decided.”

About the rumor that he is the presentation of the survivalprogramma would have enforced, he responds with: “That is really not true. RTL wanted to when I was very happy that I am Expedition Robinson, go present. When I said ‘no’, because I have to go to RTL’ve come to new programs.”

Dennis Weening said at the end of October to stop of the transmitter and that they are Art to the eye as a presenter. Art, which this television season, the NPO set up for the commercial channel, let then know asked to, but not yet yes to have said.

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