Ajax after the rest on 1-3-ahead against PEC Zwolle

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Ajax after the rest on 1-3-ahead against PEC Zwolle

08 december, 2018 18:30
08-12-18 18:30
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In the Premier league are Saturday evening two races on the program: PEC Zwolle-Ajax (19.45) and ADO Den Haag-De Graafschap (20.45 hours). Follow the games in this liveblog.

PEC Zwolle-Ajax (1-4)
ADO-The County (0-0)

Willem II-Heerenveen 1-5ADO Den Haag-De Graafschap · a few seconds agoRest! ADO and The County in the first half is not a spectacle, causing them to a 0-0-standings in the changing rooms search. The best odds are for the Hague, but the home team has the visor, not on Thursday.PEC Zwolle-Ajax · 2 minutes ago89′ GOAL Ajax! 1-4

It is still a pretty great result for Ajax. Tadic benefits of moderate defend and throws the ball over Van der Hart against the ropes.PEC Zwolle-Ajax · 6 minutes geledenWe approaching the absolute final stage in Zwolle. Can the home team is still exciting? For the time being, Ajax everything under control.PEC Zwolle-Ajax · 13 minutes geleden78′ Ajax get with Zakaria Labyad and Neres opportunities on the 1-4, but for now PEC Zwolle still hope for a good result.PEC Zwolle-Ajax · 18 minutes geleden73′ Of Dunes more great play along The Lies and Mazraoui and gets the chance on the 2-3, but the attacker shoots still far off.PEC Zwolle-Ajax · 21 minutes ago69′ GOAL Ajax! 1-3

The margin is back to two for Ajax! Lasse Schöne shoot directly after a corner from Dusan Tadic and enjoy Of of the Heart in the short corner.PEC Zwolle-Ajax · 24 minutes geleden67′ Good phase of PEC Zwolle in this second half. Ajax has problems with the ball and see the home team increasingly imminent.PEC Zwolle-Ajax · 26 minutes geleden65′ There is the opportunity for PEC Zwolle on the 2-2, but Lamprou returns to the efforts of Thomas Lamb.ADO Den Haag-De Graafschap · 27 minutes geleden22′ ADO and The County to get the public is still not really on the banks. Halfway through the first half of the 0-0 in the Cars Jeans Stadium. Daryl van Mieghem is given on behalf of the Doetinchemmers the best chance, but his attempt to disappear just next to the goal.PEC Zwolle-Ajax · 27 minutes geleden63′ of the Heart prevents the 1-3 for Ajax after a sharp cross from Neres.PEC Zwolle-Ajax · 31 minutes geleden59′ Mike van Duinen escapes. The attacker of PEC Zwolle works The Young against the ground with all the yellow in the bag. He does not get his second yellow card, but takes a risk.PEC Zwolle-Ajax · 36 minutes geleden55′ PEC Zwolle is still full in the race, and radiates from. The team is bright in the duels, and even a danger. A great chance in the second half, there is not yet been.PEC Zwolle-Ajax · 39 minutes geleden51′ The post for Ajax! The Young get the ball in the transition and shrugs again. The midfielder, now touches the outside of the pole.PEC Zwolle-Ajax · 43 minutes geleden47′ Ajax founded on the one hand, the danger with Neres, and on the other side Of Dunes threatening with a shot, but his commitment goes next.PEC Zwolle-Ajax · one hour ago,46′ The ball is rolling again! Can PEC Zwolle next to Ajax or walk the Amsterdammers after resting?ADO Den Haag-De Graafschap · one hour geleden1′ The ball rolling in The Hague. Restores ADO is a good solid defeat against Ajax or post The County his first victory in five matches played?PEC Zwolle-Ajax · one hour ago,It is peace! Ajax with 1-2, but PEC Zwolle is back fully in the match. The residents of Amsterdam have with the valley, and Onana, two players must exchange through injuries.PEC Zwolle-Ajax · one hour geleden45+3′ PEC Zwolle put Ajax on almost 1-3. Kenneth Paal and blasts the ball from close back hard on goalkeeper Van der Hart, who just can times.PEC Zwolle-Ajax · one hour geleden45′ David Neres has all the space to the 1-3 to headers, but the Brazilian is aiming for the ball next.PEC Zwolle-Ajax · one hour ago,44′ GOAL PEC Zwolle! 1-2

Now it is touch for the home team. Flemming and blasts the ball in from a corner kick and brings the voltage back.PEC Zwolle-Ajax · one hour geleden43′ Lamprou let himself immediately with a good rescue. The Young is fiddling about making Mike van Duinen can lash out, but the Greek goalkeeper of Ajax tap the ball in from the corner,PEC Zwolle-Ajax · one hour geleden42 ” It takes a while, but Kostas Lamprou in the field for Onana.PEC Zwolle-Ajax · one hour geledenAjax has the duel in terms of mode under control, but after Donny Brook with an injury to the side had, now Onana it sit. The goalkeeper can not go, so let the caregiver know.Willem II-sc Heerenveen · one hour ago

Heerenveen can get against Willem II
It is in Tilburg. Sc Heerenveen takes on 1-5 against Willem II. Mitchell of Bergen scored twice on behalf of the Friezes, for which Nemanja Mihajlovic, Ben Rienstra (penalty) and Michel Vlap the other hits. Atakan Akkaynak makes the only goal for Willem II, that the 39th minute with a ten man playing by a red card for Freek Heerkens.PEC Zwolle-Ajax · one hour geleden35′ Zian Flemming is Daley Blind quickly and shoot on target, but the PEC Zwolle-player is a bit too far to the outside, making Onana can times.PEC Zwolle-Ajax · one hour ago,32′ GOAL Ajax! 0-2

Frenkie de Jong seems to be the duel already to decide. The midfielder embarks on a slalom,the turns are then free and slide the ball into the corner.PEC Zwolle-Ajax · one hour geleden30′ Ajax has things better under control in Zwolle. The Locals are of course also supported by the 0-1-edge, creates the team of Erik ten Hag do not have many opportunities.PEC Zwolle-Ajax · one hour ago,22′ GOAL Ajax! 0-1

At the first chance for Ajax is the right touch. Klaas-Jan Huntelaar is working closely inside and put the visitors 0-1.PEC Zwolle-Ajax · 2 hours geledenNa a good phase of PEC Zwolle is now Ajax that a lot of the ball. The Locals are not yet dangerous.Willem II-sc Heerenveen · 2 hours ago

19y 103d – @scHeerenveen’s Mitchell of Bergen (19 years, 103 days) became the fourth youngest player to score twice in an Eredivisie game for the club and the youngest to do so since Miralem Sulejmani in 2008. Mountaineer.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen19:59 – 8 december 2018PEC Zwolle-Ajax · 2 hours geleden11′ PEC Zwolle is certainly not going to dig against Ajax. The home team is in the early stages a few times already imminent.ADO Den Haag-De Graafschap · 2 hours ago

Up! At 20.45 pm we have a duel in the Premier league. These are the setups:

ADO: Zwinkels; Troupee, Cooper, Cannon, and Meijers; After all, Baker, El Khayati; Becker, Falkenburg, Hay.

The County: Jurjus; Owusu, S. Nieuwpoort, Van de Pavert, Tutuarima; Baker, El Jebli, Olijve; Narsingh, Nijland, Van Mieghem.Willem II-sc Heerenveen · 2 hours geleden65′ GOAL sc Heerenveen! 1-5

Heerenveen has the hang of it. Mitchell of Mountains for the second time in a number of minutes is accurate. The attacker completes a handsome individual action after a combination with Michel Vlap.PEC Zwolle-Ajax · 2 hours geleden7′ From the free kick that followed André Onana rescue. The bang was from Clint Leemans.PEC Zwolle-Ajax · 2 hours geleden6′ Ajax very good way. The Is retrieves Kingsley Ehizibue, who was on his way to the Amsterdam goal down and gets yellow.PEC Zwolle-Ajax · 2 hours geleden3 ” The first danger comes from Ajax. Captain Matthijs de ligt takes out with the left. Goalkeeper Mickey van der Hart, the bet can times.Willem II-sc Heerenveen · 2 hours geleden58′ GOAL sc Heerenveen! 1-4

It is hard in Tilburg. The Marbles for the fourth time in the goal. This time it is Mitchell of Bergen is accurate after a beautiful action.PEC Zwolle-Ajax · 2 hours ago1′ The ball is rolling! Reduces Ajax the gap with PSV back to two points? Should the Locals win of PEC Zwolle.PEC Zwolle-Ajax · 2 hours geledenDe players come onto the field in Zwolle. Still a few minutes until the kick-off!Willem II-sc Heerenveen · 2 hours geleden54′ GOAL sc Heerenveen! 1-3

Michel Vlap increase the lead for Wigan. The midfielder shooting touch after a chopped off corner and makes his seventh goal of the season.Willem II-sc Heerenveen · 2 hours geleden46′ We continue with the second company in Tilburg.Willem II-sc Heerenveen · 2 hours geledenHet is peace in Tilburg! sc Heerenveen is for 1-2 and plays also with a man more.Willem II-sc Heerenveen · 2 hours ago41′ GOAL sc Heerenveen! 1-2

Former Willem II player Ben Rienstra shoot the penalty in and put the visitors back ahead.Willem II-sc Heerenveen · 2 hours ago39′ Penalty for sc Heerenveen and red for Willem II!

The breakthrough Pelle van Amersfoort is after a high ball is held and there is a penalty. Freek Heerkens is the culprit and should red leave.Willem II-sc Heerenveen · 3 hours geledenRuim a half hour played in Tilburg. Both teams are chasing their second goal, but often there is a lack of good eindpass.Willem II-sc Heerenveen · 3 hours geleden22′ Mihajlović also has the 1-2 for Heerenveen on his shoe, but the attacker shoots the ball over the goal.Willem II-sc Heerenveen · 3 hours ago17′ GOAL for Willem II! 1-1

There is already the equalizer. Atakan Akkaynak throws the ball beautifully over the goalkeeper Warner Hahn back and makes for the 1-1.PEC Zwolle-Ajax · 3 hours agoPreparation! These are the eleven names of PEC Zwolle for the duel with Ajax:

PEC Zwolle: Van der Hart,; Of Poland, Van den Berg, Lamb, Pole; Ehizibue, Leemans, Bouy; Namli, Of Dunes, Flemming.

Preparation of PEC Zwolle: #pecaja #peczwolle


AuteurPEC ZwolleMoment of plaatsen18:42 – 8 december 2018Willem II-sc Heerenveen · 3 hours ago15′ GOAL sc Heerenveen! 0-1

With some luck, you will get Nemanja Mihajlović the ball at his feet. The attacker will shoot then manages touch.Back to top

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