335 Yellow Vests picked up in Paris

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PARIS – police in Paris 335 people were arrested to prevent the demonstrations by the Yellow Shirts lead to acts of violence, looting and destruction, like a week ago. There was also tear gas is deployed.

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A protester being violently arrested by police, near the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs-Elysées.

The arrests were mostly for checks at stations, or in places where the Yellow Vests gather. The detainees are suspected of preparing for violence or vandalism, or provoking a criminal offence.

A protester is carried away by a rescuer, in the near of the Arc de Triomphe.

Many hundreds of people were by the Parisian police standing was held to be controlled. Many had to be located at a police station to identify. Among the detainees are, according to French media at least twenty people on a desktop were recognized as extremists on social media to violence, had called. The are both left-wing as right-wing extremists.

Earlier in the day there were around 1500 Yellow Vests around the Champs-Élysées on the leg. Also in the rest of the city gathered in Yellow Shirts, as on the western périphérique (ring road) with access point, Porte Maillot.

The riot police is massively on the leg by the French government. Eight thousand ordetroepen are deployed and in the morning all the tear gas used against the activists.

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Early this morning, thirty Yellow Vests were arrested. They are almost all people from outside the capital or in Paris are held. They were in possession of masks, catapults, or hammers. The police think that the rioters and not peaceful demonstrators. Therefore, they are arrested on suspicion of “public assembly for the preparation of violence against people or of destruction.”

Tourist attractions such as the eiffel tower and the Louvre museum remain all day close. Many store owners around the Champs Elysees to keep their case closed, and for extra protection of the façades to provide (lozenge)to prevent damage.

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Nationwide, there are in France about 89.000 men on the leg to any riots in the head button. The cardigans jaunes’ (Yellow Shirts) have argued for weeks against the policies of the French government that their purchasing power would undermine it.

The police want to avoid that this fourth national protestdag of the ’cardigans jaunes’ resulted in acts of violence and vandalism such as last Saturday when there were ninety injured. There are even armoured cars of the gendarmerie to the centre of Paris sent.


Prior to a demonstration of the Yellow Bibs in Brussels, according to a police spokeswoman, about fifty people held, mainly in the South railway Station and the central station of the city. The large-scale present police are trying to prevent that potential rioters are under the Yellow Vests mix. The protesters were clashed with the police.

The from France music protest movement of the ‘cardigans jaunes’ (yellow bibs) turns against the high fuel prices and the decrease of the purchasing power. According to news agency Belga, there are dozens of protesters on the streets.

Reporter Daniel van Dam is in Paris to see the protests live to follow.

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