’Winners Copa Libertadores will be prize money taken away’

49739ca86e31764c0fd13d4dbcf0221c - ’Winners Copa Libertadores will be prize money taken away’

The ladies of the Colombian Atlétio Huila celebrate after winning the Copa Libertadores.

The final of the Copa Libertadores for women was between the Colombian Atlético Huila and the Brazilian Corinthians. Regular time could not be a winner show; 1-1. There followed an exciting penaltyreeks. The ladies from Colombia went in the end to the longest end (3-5). In the video below, they are still in complete party mood.

The mood turned quickly. The women were $ 55,000 in prize money, a credit, but that they saw just as quickly back out of their own pocket to disappear. The money was not intended for the women. “The ladies of Atlético Huila have a lot of congratulations received, but the sad thing is that this prize is not for them”, says Yoreli Rincon, one of the players of the club in a video on Twitter.

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See the full video here which Rincón recorded and the world have submitted. She shares her dissatisfaction unfortunately dubbed in Spanish.

The money is intended to the debts of the mannenploeg to pay off. That is the women is not good. Aldana Cometti says compared to the Spanish Marca, the same story as her team mate Rincon. “Our president gave us recognition, but he let us know that the prize money not to us but to the club. Unfortunately, every now once in the women’s football, he told us.”

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