Win an encyclopedia and a familieticket for ‘night Watch: The Gate of Souls’!

Vladimir, Wiklo and Keeling are ready to take the cinemas by storm. From 12 december you can Watch: The Gate of Souls”. Win here, an encyclopedia and a familieticket for the movie!

Do you want a chance to win this cool prize? Answer the questions below and who knows, find you will soon be an encyclopedia, and four tickets to the movie in your mailbox!


The residents of Schemermeer make for a great village festival. Vladimir, Wiklo and Keelin, the members of the night Watch, have extra reason to party since their friend and mentor, Vega may at last, after 77 years from his book. But the joy is short-lived, as the three heroes get bad news to hear… Meanwhile devises also opperdemon Nemmeza nefarious plans to the sovereign lord over all the worlds. Will the night Watch be strong enough to this dark creature in time to stop?

Discover it as from 12 december in the Flemish cinemas. Best of luck with the contest!!!

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