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Who won the #Hashwar?

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On 15.11.2018 it was then finally so far, the Bitcoin Cash Chain forkte into two competing Chains. Crypto Ticker reported live.

The Roger Ver and Jihan Wu supported ABC implementation was without Replay Protection against of some as Satoshi traded Craig Wright SV Version of the Forks.

Loudly a war was announced, but little has happened relatively. Neither 51% attacks, nor any other obvious attacks were carried out on the Chains. You could expect much and got nothing.

Now, where the fog of war is clearing slowly, what the Fork is left.

The duel: Bitcoin Cash-ABC vs Bitcoin Cash SV

Activity: Both Chains are still actively mined.

None of the two Chains seems to be on the verge of being mined.

Price: ABC: $101 (-75%) since the Split and SV 111$ (+20%)

Clear advantage for SV. While the ABC Version has lost since the Split, almost 50% of their value, the price of SV rising in spite of the bear market.

Market capitalization: After ABC for a long time before SV was SV and now a short time ago, ABC obsolete. ABC is located at space 7 between the Tether and Litecoin. SV is on space 5 between the Stellar and Tether.

Both Forks were thus able to unite about the same proportion of the value of Bitcoin Cash. What is very interesting is that both Forks (for a Crypto bear market) are relatively stable. Here is a larger sell-off of the competing Version would definitely have been possible. Possibly this is also.

Name/Ticker symbol: The Ticker symbol is often a hotly contested Symbol, supported the legitimate succession of a fork. The best known example is the debate about the BTC Ticker, as a Bitcoin Cash out of Bitcoin has been split. The currency of ABC is traded by most traders, in the meantime, as a Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The SV Version got rid of, however, the Cash in the name of and is often to be found as a Bitcoin SV.

With this solution, should actually be both versions agree. Even if ABC is allowed to keep the BCH Ticker up SV offers finally only as Bitcoin, without a Cash addition.

Hashrate: The Hashrate seems now again to normalize. The bottom line is that the ABC network has, however, always have a slightly higher Hashrate. The Hashraten are almost the same size. Added the two Hashraten result, the Rate of Bitcoin Cash in front of the Fork. Thus, ABC is also in the matter of the work is done relatively far in front of the SV Branch. But this is not really surprising when one considers that it is very much more profitable for the ABC Chain is mines.

Overview of the Hashrate. Graphics of

Nodes: ABC has the most Nodes of the Bitcoin for Cash network inherited. The SV network is operated only by 19% of the former Bitcoin Cash Nodes.

Decentralisation: Here are the two currencies are pretty bad. A few Mining Pools control the entire Mining. Whether or not the Satoshi’s was Vision? I doubt it. On both Chains it would be difficult to perform a 51% attack.

Exchanges: Both Forks have now on the stock exchanges. For ABC and SV Kraken is a Fiat Gateway. SV can be traded also .

Technical details: Since the two Chains at the Moment, no Replay Protection is implemented, it is perhaps useful to his Coins to split, if you transactions to. How to do this, you’ll learn here.

Meanwhile, there seems to be signs that SV is likely to submit soon a Replay Protection. Thus, could have this annoying issue soon also.

The Fork is relatively gone comfortable on the stage, might also have to do with the Controversial Update of ABC, to limit a Rollback to a maximum of 10 blocks.

Conclusion: With the exception of the price, it actually looks for ABC at the time a little better. However, the SV seems to Chain us to stay for the long term. This was rather unexpected. Nevertheless, it remains exciting.

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