Who is the successor of Merkel?

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The German CDU party elects a new chairman. Continue the party in the centre, or slide them on to the right?

After Merkel, on the 29th of October, rather unexpectedly, had announced that she was not a candidate to the party to lead, the Christian Democratic Union, a new union. In eight roadshows, spread over …

After Merkel, on the 29th of October, rather unexpectedly, had announced that she was not a candidate to the party to lead, the Christian Democratic Union, a new union. In eight roadshows throughout the country, the three candidates Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (56), Friedrich Merz (63) and Jens Spahn (38) is presented to the members.

Merz, the man who leads

The former leader of the party radiates self-confidence. “It is not only my intention but also my firm belief that I was the new CDU-chairman will be’, he had in the morning, in an interview with the Berliner Morgenpost said. Almost everyone thinks that the final battle will play between him and Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer..

Self-confidence has the Merz never failed. He is seen as one of the better orators in the German politics. Wednesday night he pleaded for innovation and creativity in the economic race pace with China to be able to keep. “With a yes, but … you don’t get,” he said. The blue tailor-made suits applaudisseerden excited. “He has a clear vision of the future,” said one of them.

Merz is a man with a heart for the business. The economic lawyer in the lobbywereld known as someone with excellent contacts and memberships in many boards of directors. His annual income, which is a million euros, was the first day of the campaign an issue, because he had said that he turned to the middle-class charges. Merz was and still is a fan of Calendar 2010, the economic program of the then chancellor Gerhard Schröder to the labour market to more flexibly. Are economically right-wing positions to deliver him the support of the middenstandsorganisaties. But the influential werknemerspoot of the CDU is against Merz. “If he plans to perform is the CDU no party more, but a bloated liberal FDP. There, we will resist, ” said chairman Christian Bäumler on the tv.

With the advent of Merz is the polemic back. Veterans of the party that made him boast to his ‘razor-sharp intellect’ and his ‘eloquence’, get annoyed at his willfulness. He can speak, but not listen. ‘He sends, but he receives not, ” said the veteran, in a study That Zeit could refer to it. “He lacks the capacity to make people to bind.’

Are self-conscious action leads to overconfidence, say insiders. When Merz, between 2000 and 2002 as CDU chairman of the parliamentary party in the opposition in the parliament was sitting, he had an important file bakzeil, because he did not even notice that many members of the group are vision is not followed.

He was in that period regularly clashed with Merkel, the chairman of the party. He put his contempt for her is not the way, says a politician of when. Merkel is indeed just about the opposite of Merz. He proclaims his vision to the audience, she listens to their opinions and searching for a compromise; he divides, it connects … She has to give him the lane is outputted.

As Merz, the new chairman of the party, is the question of how his relationship with the chancellor will expire. Some predict that within the shortest of times will attempt to get the prime minister to demand and Merkel to take early retirement. In Düsseldorf swore he members that the collaboration with his opponent ‘very well’. The intelligent orator to know that many party members chancellor Merkel, still on hands.

AKK, the woman who connects

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, or AKK, is the poulain of Merkel. It was the chancellor who understood how successful the politician in the Saarland. On the one hand, it was AKK a fiery defender of the refugee policy that Merkel in 2015 carried out, on the other hand, she fought to enact stricter controls on the refugees and faster uitwijzingen whose asylum application was rejected. AKK could to the left and to the right in the party to reconcile. Merkel flattered her to move to Berlin. In February, it was AKK, as the new secretary-general of the party, its right-hand side. Since then, she is regarded as the crown princess of Merkel.

Kramp-Karrenbauer is to the left wing of the party charged. As minister-president of Saarland, a federal state, where the economic crisis, serious wounds had struck, she was standing on the barricades for a minimum wage and better working conditions. They pleaded for the introduction of quotas for women in business, and she has a husband that his job as an engineer in the mining industry has exchanged for as a jack-of-all in the household. And yet slants her ethical scale to the conservative side: she is against gay marriage, because it is not consistent with her christian values. Three years ago, she said even that the same-sex marriage the door is open would convert to marriages between relatives or for weddings with more than two people. In Düsseldorf, expressing her disgust about the genetic manipulation that allows China to experiment. That does not fit with the C of the CDU, ” she said.

With that mix of conservative and progressive, left and right, is AKK an ideal compromisfiguur. She also has the personality for it. Just as Merkel is looking for Kramp-Karrenbauer not immediately the spotlight on. And just as Merkel is looking for them to compromise. In the mood for her candidacy as secretary-general of the party she received in February of 99 percent.

But she misses the redenaarstalent of Merz. Her speech in Düsseldorf was mat and general. They talked about connection and belonging, about rights and obligations. The applause afterwards was for many listeners clearly dutiful.

The applausmeter during the regional partijconferenties is but an indicator, because he is rewarding especially the strongest speaker. From an ARD poll last week showed that Kramp-Karrenbauer a favourite with the members. She would 46 percent of the votes get, Merz only 31.

If AKK following week until the new president be elected, the right wing of the party, among whom Merz, malcontent. They find that the party under Merkel too far to the left is shifted, and therefore space on the right for Alternative für Deutschland has left.

3. Spahn, the man who is so eager to

Jens Spahn is in that hole and jumped. The young, very ambitious minister of Health has never made any secret that he’s at the top want to get. Five years ago, he said: ‘If I no chancellor would want to be, then I would have all this trouble not to do.”

Spahn has already a proper way, since he is in his puberty when the party is gone. On his 22nd, he sat as member of parliament in the German Bundestag, on his 35th he became state secretary for Finance. Three years later he became minister of Health. He stood in the political world, is known as an expert in the health care system. Indeed, but unknown to the general public. To some wind in the sails of his career to blow, he left the familiar path of his area of expertise and began an opinion about everything, and in many talk shows. Spahn was one of the first ones to criticize But only had and he was the most outspoken, critical voice within the party. He put in heavily in identity-and he wants his country migratiepact do not sign. He saw himself as the man who the voters of the AfD could charm.

The day that Merkel announced that they will hand over his responsibilities would pass, said Spahn directly candidate. He had, according to die Zeit, set on a duel with Kramp-Karrenbauer, in which he himself as the conservative, economically liberal candidate profiling. Unfortunately, when Friedrich Merz on the gpu, which is the embodiment of all the ideas that Spahn wanted to proclaim. It wasn’t long before the ambitious young politician realized that this race is not for him. Today will be the battle for the presidency between Merz and Kramp-Karrenbauer be settled. The result will be decisive for the course that the CDU over the next years will bring.

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