Who is the successor of Merkel? A portrait

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Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer follow Angela Merkel as chairwoman of the CDU. Her command? The party against 2021 attractive again.

It takes some practice, but soon you say without further ado that AKK actually Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer is called. She is the new figurehead of the Christlich Democratic Union in the parliamentary elections …

It takes some practice, but soon you say without further ado that AKK actually Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer is called. She is the new figurehead of the Christlich Democratic Union in the parliamentary elections in 2021, the CDU party leader.

With AKK as party chairman, remains Angela Merkel chancellor. The two women form a tandem. Merkel, asked at the beginning of this year, or the 55-year-old Saarlandse politician her job as prime minister of the small state of Saarland wanted to specify to the secretary-general of the party.

Kramp-Karrenbauer has in a short time, serious steps. The woman who during the election campaign in Saarland on turquoise sneakers wandering about and keuvelde with everyone who came up to her, the minister-president who at the annual party in Saarland with a mop on the scene as Gretchen, who Putzfrau, is one of the most powerful politicians of Germany.

There wait Kramp-Karrenbauer a lot of work in Berlin, because the party is eroding. They are looking for a course in the politics changed Germany. The Greens and Alternative für Deutschland in recent years have voters in the CDU afgesnoept, and that requires introspection. “We need to re-examine what our values are. We need to profile more clearly determine, ” says a source in the party. AKK that the image of bridge-builder, is there the most suitable person for. She has, in her function as secretary-general this summer for weeks toured the country with the members about the partijbeginselen to discuss. If someone is capable of after this battle for the presidency again unity in the party, then she is the one.

Over the next three years will they to the party concerned, while Merkel, the country controls.


Kramp-Karrenbauer must quickly out of the shadow of Merkel, because there is a certain degree of Merkelmoeheid in the partijrangen crept. But that may not be that difficult. Kramp-Karrenbauer is sailing its own course. She was among the first in 2015 strict rules demanded to the influx of refugees in the right direction. She was the first who, in spite of negative opinions from Berlin, in Saarland in 2011, a Jamaicacoalitie of CDU, Greens and FDP installed. That motley government is proof that they have a wide bandwidth to handle and difficult compromises can forge. It’s a skill she will certainly need it, because the battle for this voorzittersverkiezing has made it clear that the centrumpartij both on the left as on the right hand side is pulled. AKK has the trust of the linksere CDU’ers, but that of the businessmen and companies on the right side they will need to win. Everyone in the party praised the democratic content of these elections, which for the first time, several candidates expanded the picture was, but at the same time, many fear that the overt competition deep wounds in the party has struck. ‘Hopefully it is not a break, ” says the CDU. AKK is according to him the most suitable person for the wounds to attach and to avoid that the CDU damaged from this voorzittersverkiezing. She with her openness, her down-to-earth setting and its play people back to the table.

Kramp-Karrenbauer has promised that the CDU display on 40 percent will come. For this purpose, the party many people can charm. AKK is not easy in a box to push and that is when an advantage is seen. In terms of politics, she wants to be with everyone, except with AfD, the work together. On an ethical level they are ambiguous: on the one hand, she stands in the gap for women’s rights, on the other hand, she is against gay marriage. They emphasized the family values, and, therefore, would she ever wavering AfD-voters can convince to be on the CDU to vote. On the economic front, inclined them more to the left, and they will have to prove to the men of the business world.

Alternative coalitions

Her non-dogmatic approach is also evident from her view of international politics. Even though they are in the near of the French border, is born and speaks French, is the idea of the continuation of the French-German axis does not immediately make her first approach. In a television interview, she told that they have alternative allegiances and alliances want to do a search as necessary for the problems to solve, or the quantity to set in motion. If it is later, perhaps as chancellor, to the European table, sit down, then it will be difficult to get out of the shadow of Merkel to act. The current chancellor is running already 13 years in the European toppolitiek and it is known that its records are controlled. It will, after 2021, in Brussels a little getting used to if Merkel is no longer there.

Also for Putin -provided that, after 2021 power – is Kramp-Karrenbauer a noviet. She has no connection with the former Soviet Union and she speaks no Russian. The relations with Russia will be for her the most difficult, where they have the least fittings. That is a loss, because Merkel was one of the few politicians that Putin occasionally called for her opinion or diplomatic assistance.

Donald Trump will be satisfied if he But hand no longer would need to shake. He doesn’t like her. She is too principled, too uncompromising. AKK, the course of Germany in respect of Germany, probably not a millimeter shift. But maybe running Trump. That’s already happened as there are things to do.

There is one point where this politician or urgently something has to change, she wants to be taken seriously as leader of the party, says the man of the CDU-politician. ‘Her clothes. She needs to learn to be watching as they have an important meeting.”

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