Voters bales of unexpected deadline Top 2000

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Top 2000 Café in Image and Sound.

On Twitter and on the Facebook page of the Top 2000 they react disappointed. “Until december 7, I consider for up to 12 hours… just too late to get one the list to give up” to Which someone responds with: “That’s what I thought so too..” And they are not the only one, superiors let you know that the deadline in the nick of time to miss.

They have bales of it. “Very sad that my attempt to 18.59 you no longer tried to stand up..”And: “Why now all closed and not to 0.00 hours? Wanted to just sit down.” If some laconieker. “Wow. Just finished work and not the whole day on social media, hanging on, I read too late the end time to the list to return. Too late.. up in 2019, then.” Completing the survey made some of the das to. “Idd to 19: 00….so I just too late….grrr everything for nothing entered. I Had that survey, but acherwege left over, I would have been on time….”

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