Van Beek happy with new chance: “Emmen should not be a problem’

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Sven van Beek means OT’Peniel Mlapa.

“This is the chance I waited. I think I’ve done well, so I’m assuming that I should remain,” says the 24-year-old defender, who know that Sunday is a tricky away game awaits on artificial turf against promoted FC Emmen. “We are now in the good path. If we take this line to continue, Emmen also not be a problem.”

A long wait

The bold texts of the unyielding defender, who long had to wait for his chance. Trainer Giovanni van Bronckhorst told Van Beek in the summer that he chooses for the central duo that the Team in 2017, the championship title picked up: Eric Botteghin and Jan-Arie van der Heijden. Van Beek was when the entire kampioensjaar been busy with rehabilitation of a foot injury.

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“The trainer said, this is now my center, but your chance will come again. Then you know that you are going to the bowl to get yourself back in the “picture” to play. Nobody likes sitting on the sofa. But you must continue and on the training every day very hard to do your best. So I sit there, in each other.” The wait was long. But when Botteghin last week on the training injured afhaakte, knew Van Beek that his time had come. He entered Sunday leading the battle in won the top match against PSV (2-1) and also made Thursday against VVV-Venlo (4-1) to a convincing impression. “Al is such a tegengoal as a defender always sucks.”

“Seven points not a lot of

In five days time we’re going to catch up to PSV reduced from thirteen to seven points. “Against PSV we have taken the first step to get closer. Then you know that you are against VVV also three points go for it, otherwise everything will have been for nothing. That we have done. If we play with the passion and fight that at Feyenoord hear, we can beat anyone. Seven points is not a whole lot more. Who knows what beautiful things can happen.”

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Van Beek extended in november his contract at Feyenoord until mid-2021, it is precisely in the period that he sat on the bench. “I have confidence in myself and know what I can. I always go by my own force and do not want to quickly say goodbye to such a big club as Feyenoord. I knew that if I hard would continue to work, I automatically my chance could intervene.”

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