US get again to the UN-Migratiepact

0779ab47902689e7cfd3443a4ebee9da - US get again to the UN-Migratiepact

According to the United States pursues the UN-Migratiepact committed ‘to immigration policy worldwide to send, at the expense of the sovereign right of states to manage themselves’. That is, in a Friday released statement.

In the text, by the American diplomatic mission to the united nations was concerned, remembering the United States in mind that they are the negotiations on the pact in 2017 have been abandoned because the objectives that are incompatible with the American law, politics and interests of the American people’.

‘Decisions about border security, about who is granted legal residence or citizenship, are among the most important sovereign decisions a country can take, ” says Washington. ‘It suffers no doubt that they are the subject of negotiations and research in an international context’, what it sounds like.

‘Although we have the contribution of many immigrants to the building of our country to recognize, we can’t have pact support that international guidelines, standards, expectations or commitments imposes, or may impose at our ability to make decisions in the best interest of our nation and our citizens, ” say the United States.

Legal obligations

Washington fears that the pact finally tried a ‘customary international law’ in the area of migration. The term ‘pact’ gives rise to ‘legal obligations’, the United States in their communiqué.

According to diplomats, the United States in recent months has been particularly active to their understanding of the pact is to share with different signatory countries, particularly in Eastern Europe. Although the document in July to the UN was approved by all members of the United Nations with the exception of the United States, have worldwide a number of countries, such as Australia, Switzerland, Hungary, Italy and Austria, since their withdrawal or freezing of their decision announced.

Despite the fuss caused by the pact, with, among others, precipitated a governmental crisis in our country, will be Monday and Tuesday, more than a hundred countries are expected in Marrakech for the document formally to ratify. At the General Assembly of the UN on 19 december in New York following a vote on a bekrachtigingsresolutie.

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