Two foresters refuse healthy deer to shoot

60a484a2ef4790b36231f84ab0bd1c0e - Two foresters refuse healthy deer to shoot

Two of the four foresters of the Dutch nature reserve Oostvaardersplassen have let themselves be moving. They would have moral objections against the shooting of healthy animals.

The forestry commission confirms the transfer to the Volkskrant. ‘An animal that nature has selected to die, if I want to shoot. But healthy animals are not’, says one of the foresters.

Wish the rangers nothing about it. They also wish to remain anonymous.

1.800 red deer shooting

In the Oostvaardersplassen is a team of four faunabeheerders charged with the shooting of the deer. Now two foresters left, the team is now supplemented with two colleagues.

The judge decided Thursday that the firing of more than 1,800 red deer, by the gebiedsbeheerder final can continue. In the course of next week to pull the remaining rangers and a number of additional colleagues from the Forestry commission reinforced the area in the popular red deer to bring back to 490.

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