Trump wants ex-minister back on Justice

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WASHINGTON – The U.s. president Trump wants the former attorney general john William Barr returns to that department. He carries him therefore as a candidate minister, said Trump Friday.

The 68-year-old Barr was the beginning of the nineties minister of Justice under the past week death of Republican president George Bush. Trump has very often to stick with attorney general john Jeff Sessions in november had to go.

Barr has previously critical comments about the special investigation by Robert Mueller to possible ties of the entourage of Trump with the Russians during the election campaign in 2016. Trump will find that research a nothing-based witch hunt against him. The study is formally under the supervision of the ministry of Justice.


Mueller wants to Friday with information about the state of affairs in his research. He then, according to American media, the question of the extent to which ex-employees of Trump him have helped or hindered in his investigation. The ex-campaign manager Paul Manafort, a former lawyer and confidant of Trump, Michael Cohen, and ex-national security advisor Michael Flynn.

Trump also said that he wants a former tv-presenter and journalist, ’Fox and Friends’, Heather Nauert, the new American UN ambassador. The 48-year-old Nauert currently works as a spokeswoman at the ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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