Trump has a successor ready for dismissed minister of Justice

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The American president Donald Trump has Friday announced that he William Barr wants to nominate as the next minister of Justice. Barr, who is known as a proponent of far-reaching powers for the executive power, so also the leadership on the Russia-investigation of special prosecutor Robert Mueller.

If the nomination of Barr is approved by the Senate he followed in the footsteps of Jeff Sessions, who at the beginning of november the avenue was sent. That process, however, can still have some take several months.

“I hope that not all will take too long,” said Trump Friday in the White House.

The Republican chairman of the Senate committee on Intelligence, Richard Burr, talks to Bloomberg “an excellent choice”. Senators of the Democratic party call Barr, however, immediately on the research of Mueller, to alleged links between the election campaign of Trump and Russia in 2016, untouched.

Barr was from 1991 to 1993 already minister of Justice, during the presidency of the Wednesday buried George Bush sr. In that capacity, he led the investigation into the Lockerbie attack, the terrorist attack on a flight from the American airline Pan Am over the Scottish town of Lockerbie.

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