‘Trump chooses former Fox anchor as new UN ambassador”

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President Trump will Heather Nauert propose as a new U.s. ambassador to the United Nations. That confirm different sources to news agency Bloomberg. Nauert is currently the spokeswoman in the ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Heather Nauert (48) is a surprising choice as a successor for Nikki Haley, who in October announced the end of this year her to resign. Prior to Nauert in april 2017 at Foreign Affairs started to work, she had little experience with foreign policy and diplomacy. She worked for several years as an anchor and reporter for Fox News and was also featured in the Trump audience ‘Fox and Friends’.

Nauert, according to Bloomberg, the confidence of foreign affairs minister Mike Pompeo have won, after they by his predecessor, Rex Tillerson from the sounding with the trustees was barred. Last year they reportedly on the point have been to steps in Foreign Affairs, but the White House asked her to stay. She’s friends with Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner.

Foreign Affairs unscrewed Nauert the rhythm of the persbriefings back from daily to about weekly.

As president Trump Nauert elections for the UN job, the U.s. senate first still agree.

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