Trump calls Tillerson oliedom and lazy

6c2a6057fcea982da31391de8a451ef2 - Trump calls Tillerson oliedom and lazy

WASHINGTON – “Oliedom and lazy as hell.” Thus qualified, the American president Donald Trump Friday in a tweet by his former foreign affairs minister, Rex Tillerson. Trump was provoked by comments from Tillerson, who for the first time since his resignation in march there in the public talking about.

Tillerson and Trump in better times, during the inauguration of the former.

At CBS, said Tillerson, among other things, that he and his boss several times to refrain from actions because that is against the law.

Also during the relatively short tenure of Tillerson boterde not determined between the two. Tillerson would Trump according to reports that last year the round did to his political boss is a complete idiot (’moron’). The president said later, against reporters at the White House that he “could find Rex.”

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