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The absurdity of Urbane takes on temporarily the comic strip museum in

19711dec9f39e79f9ef933bcc26d2ea2 - The absurdity of Urbane takes on temporarily the comic strip museum in

A tad vulgar, little, logical, and sometimes completely derailed, that is Urbane as a cartoon character and that is also the reason why he is the comic strip museum occupies a temporary exhibition.

The exhibition ” Urban, underground familiestrip runs from 11 december until may 26, 2019, and will delve deeper into the success story of the special Urban.

Urbanus was as a cartoon character in 1982, created by the Belgian cartoonist Willy Linthout on the first album ‘The fritkotmysterie’. As a comedian was Urbanus (then Of the Anus) is already well-known in Flanders, but as a cartoon character, he was equally well known. 170 albums later the Urbanusstrip an unprecedented success, and that success owes to the strip, perhaps to his surrealism and absurdity.

“How is a comic book series with vulgar topics and an ugly style, but for your death to laugh, a cult favourite in the northern half of Belgium? It is a strange phenomenon that a thorough study it deserves’, that is the approach that curator Kurt Morissens used.

The exhibition will bring all the ingredients to expose the strip and the main characters such as his drunken lazy father Cesar big(n). Just like in the stories will be the expo not some taboo to know and be topics such as euthanasia and prostitution should not be out of the way gone.

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