Team New Wilderness makes movie about rats

1a5f18e5d2cc139605704e83ee58d214 - Team New Wilderness makes movie about rats

The idea for a film about rats that developed during the making of the documentary The Wild City animals in the big city. “Rats are by many people associated with nuisance and dirt”, says Van Schaick. “While the extremely intelligent, social animals are where we as human beings very much to learn.”

That story, like the creators emphasize in the yet-untitled film. “We want all the myths about rats refute and make clear how rats exactly,” explains the producer. The creators are working together with rattenexpert Albert Weijman of the knowledge and advice centre center animal plagues of the Wageningen University.


It is intended that the film in the course of 2019 in production. BNNVARA has, in principle, associated with the project. The New Wilderness, about the cycle of life in the Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve, attracted in 2013 more than 700,000 visitors to the cinemas.

The Wild City, an unofficial sequel to The New Wilderness, pulled this year 120,000 people to the theaters. The movie is on Christmas day on the NPO.

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