‘t Strand van Sint-Anneke moved to Fakkeltheater

't Strand van Sint-Anneke moved to Fakkeltheater

After “Viva Minerva”, “Café Beveren” and The “Sinksenfoor” wrote director Jeroen Maes again a heartwarming comedy based on a very popular pleisterplek in Antwerp, ‘T STRAND VAN SINT-ANNEKE. This comedy promises to be summery and sunny to be with colorful characters, surprising twists and full of humor. Also, this time choose a manufacturer to The Hinterland for a cast that consists of established artists and young talents. Janine Bishops, Peter Van de Velde, Luc Caals, Myriam Bronzwaar, Kenny Verelst, Nayat Sari and Henny Seroeyen may use their sunscreen and beach slippers all buy it. ‘T STRAND VAN SINT-ANNEKE this summer for a delicious strandfeestje in the Red hall. Including breeze, because yes, the new air conditioning is ordered! From the 28th of June in the Fakkeltheater.

In the BEACH OF SINT-ANNEKE, we meet with a close circle of friends that we have in the summer every day on ‘The Plague’ found. So there is the strict, authoritarian Armand who, in a manner of speaking, the grains of sand would count to see if there are as many as the day before. There is his jovial wife Louise (‘Suzy’) that all living things talk stores. We have the flamboyant barber Maurice on the brink of retirement, but still full of fire and all the waving with the hands, the whole Beach can entertain. Simonne is ‘the grandma’ of the group, to enjoy her old day is not in, she has her hands full with her rebellious grandson Tobias. This roguish gang gets a sudden visit from a noble unknown, he soon becomes “the guy”, what he owes to his impressive body. But he is not very talkative, it remains a mystery what he will do in Sint-Anneke. Also, there is a commotion as Esra, a young lady with Turkish roots, a piece of their beach intervening, this leads to a healthy interest to some, but to violently gefrons and gemok at others (especially Armand sees his territory being threatened) . What they do and especially who manages to attract their attention, you come gradually to know. One thing is for sure, the life of our prominent guests will be seriously shaken up!

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