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Stoffel Vandoorne ready to explore go

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A lot of time to catch a breath was not there for Stoffel Vandoorne’s Formula 1 season has just ended and next week he begins a new chapter of his career, namely the Formula E.

The story of Vandoorne is now known. He came as a great promise in the Formula 1 in 2017 but due to various factors, the Rumbekenaar never really had a chance to have the high expectations to solve.

When it was announced that there for him, no place would have been at McLaren, it was also immediately clear that he a miracle had to hope for next year is still in the F1 to get started.

Though he is not yet all hope abandon to ever return to the F1 we find Vandoorne back next year in the Formula E, with the Mercedes-connected new team HWA-racing. The new season of the electric racing series starts next week in Saudi Arabia.

“It will be a real discovery for me,” said Vandoorne compared to Sporza. “It is a very short winter break for me, I have almost no holiday.”

Even during the current F1 season got Vandoorne the chance to be the second generation of the FE-car to its paces in Valencia, and he spent some time in the simulator, but all in all it was a very short preparation.

“The FE is something very different than I am. Not only the way of working within the team but also the various circuits and the power management during the race. I need to adjust but that is also true for the team, for them, this is also new.”

“I sincerely hope a positive story, we need to be realistic because it is a big adjustment for myself and the team. I hope that we during the season, however, what progress can achieve.”

Vandoorne will be switched to the Formula E not as a step back. The championship has only been around for four years and in that time have grown enormously and there is still enough groeimarge for the future, according to our countryman.

He looks to be off to work in a different environment, about his time at McLaren wanted to Vandoorne still following lost.

“I have two good years at McLaren had but unfortunately it was the worst years in the history of the renstal. Unfortunately, I couldn there nothing to change,” concludes Vandoorne.

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