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Standard Femina and Anderlecht have stopped duel play again

9db52086918eea0fb659c93e5fec4571 - Standard Femina and Anderlecht have stopped duel play again

The sports committee of the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) on Wednesday decided that the game between Standard and Anderlecht in the Super League women’s football herspeeld should be. Both clubs also have a 1,500 euro fine to pay.

The league game between Standard Fémina and Anderlecht in Angleur of 17 november was at a 0-1 intermediate shut down, after riots had broken out between amokmakers of both teams. The match was 25 minutes from the end altogether when men in bivakmutsen the field stormed. Supporters were doing so clashed with each other.

The sports committee could decide to none of both teams points to allocate, but did not. The competent disciplinary committee for women’s football did not rule on a responsibility. Also, additional precautions are not recommended or imposed. The competition is also not on a neutral ground finished, but just again in Liège.

Both Standard and Anderlecht can still appeal against the verdict.

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