Slovak foreign affairs minister remains, despite ’Marrakesh’

97f10b9dea0f4b7d3ab619bbe7bbb18d - Slovak foreign affairs minister remains, despite ’Marrakesh’

BRATISLAVA – The Slovak Foreign Affairs minister Miroslav Lajcak is still in function. He served last week to resign out of dissatisfaction with the vote against the UN-migratiepact that will soon be available in Marrakech is closed.

Miroslav Lajcak (r) remains, despite his disappointment about the rejection of the migratiepact.

A large majority of the Slovak parliament was against the treaty. Then stepped the minister from anger.

Last Friday, the partijloze Lajcak announced that he has changed his mind. He did this after prime minister Peter Pellegrini, the insurance to have been given that in the foreign policy of the Slovak republic nothing changes.

The Slovak government sees nothing in the global convention on migration and to sign it therefore, not, as the Netherlands does, a treaty about that next week in Marrakesh.

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