Significant traffic problems in Cuba after new rules

f7730dc94320936ef4fd05cf3db2bc2a - Significant traffic problems in Cuba after new rules

HAVANA – The government in communist Cuba imports hundreds of buses and dozens of buses to the traffic problems in the capital to tackle. That have deteriorated because many taxi drivers had given up to have given because of all kinds of difficult rules for the private sector.

There are in Havana also taxis available by bike.

Taxi drivers in Havana grumble about the new rules, which earlier this year became effective. They are now, for example, required a certain amount of fuel at filling stations of the state. That should prevent that board of directors, with tank fill up with cheaper petrol on the black market have bought.

American classics

Cubans in the capital are already dozens of years of use of the many thousands of taxi’s that drive around. It comes in a lot of cases to classic American cars. Some taxi drivers are complaining now that they can no longer get along. The secretary of state for Transport, Marta Oramas, said Thursday that about eight drivers their licence returned.

Minister Adel Yzquierdo (Transport) said, however, good news for residents of Havana. “At the end of december and beginning of January, the four hundred minibuses within the state on the head is tapped”, he promised. The authorities have also ninety buses purchased.

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