Sharknado star Tara Reid is demanding 100 million of producers

Tara Reid

Tara Reid played in all six movies from the franchise. According to the indictment contained in the agreement and an article that the producers forbade her images on products to use that have to do with alcohol, tobacco, sex or gambling, without its written consent.

According to her, has The Asylum that article is violated by a deal with the British brewery Northern Monk Brewing Co., that Sharknado-beer wants to produce. They would thereby have a contract signed where they on slot machines and video gambling would be shown. Reid wants these products not to promote. She complains not only the producers, but also Syfy, the channel that the movies transmitted and Aristocrat Technologies slot machines manufactures.

It demands, therefore, $ 100 million, ” an amount that is large enough to make a public example, and others scare to do the same’. Reid earned with the first five movies, 125.000 dollar, and with the sixth film $ 175,000, only a fraction of what the male lead Ian Ziering earned: 500,000 per film.

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