Seksrel around Icelandic politicians

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Reykjavik – Kroegpraat of six Icelandic parliamentarians that a circle made which colleagues they would be “doing” is a huge riot.

The Icelandic minister Lilja Alfredsdottir in the pub across the tongue went.

The conversation in the bar Klaustur, near the parliament, was included. Media politics are generally very sound country and feast on the audio.

The five male and a female politician and concluded that one of the women in parliament ’not hot enough’. The minister of culture Lilja Alfredsdottir would men use it as a toy. But the uniform conclusion was: they would make her do all of that, writes The Iceland Monitor.

Sleepless nights

The minister himself said that they could not sleep after they issued the tapes had read. “I can’t believe that men can talk,” said the politician of the emancipated country where a woman prime minister. She calls it ’verbal abuse’ in the Monitor. “I can’t take it to the audio to hear”.

The borreltafel is another Member of parliament, Inga Sæland, a ’mad cunt’.

A poll shows that eighty percent of Icelanders think that the six must resign, including the woman who calls up.

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