Sacha Baron Cohen wants Sarah Palin as a date to the Golden Globes

After having known himself that the British comedian was nominated as best actor for his ‘Who Is America?’ show, he invited prompt Sarah Palin as his date.

Sarah Palin was one of the many public figures who by Cohen in his show at the nose were taken. The episode with Palin, however, was never broadcast.

For the show broadcast, aired Palin her envy on Facebook.

“We were indeed, by the nose taken. You had me where you have me wanted, Sacha. Do you feel better now? I am but the latest in a long list of American public figures who were victims of the evil, exploitative and sick ‘humor’ of the British ‘comedian’ Sacha Baron Cohen.”

Palin thought she was meeting was with a representative of the war veterans.

In an effort to keep the folds somewhat smooth out, invited Cohen after the announcement of his nomination Palin prompt as a date.

“Despite the fact that I you from the show have kept, I hope that my invitation will accept,” says the comedian.

For the award for best actor takes Cohen on Jim Carrey (Kidding), Michael Douglas (The Kominsky Method), Donald Glover (Atlanta) and Bill Hader (Barry). The Golden Globes will be awarded on Sunday 6 January.

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