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Ring of Pontius Pilate found

fdc562976de3ada67ede3915fc38bfb7 - Ring of Pontius Pilate found

Fifty years ago, was on an archaeological site on the West Bank of a Roman ring found. Only now have Israeli researchers traced from whom the ring.

The letters in the seal ring are etched, to form the name of the Roman governor of Judea, Pontius Pilate, reports the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

That is important news, according to the researchers, because it is only the second archaeological piece of evidence that Pontius Pilate really existed. In the Bible, he is the man who is Jesus Christ to the cross condemns, but whether the man really existed, was always uncertain. If Pilate really did exist, then the gospel is ” what is more credible’, say the archaeologists.

The archaeological site where the signet-ring was found, is located on the hill where king Herod was buried. Of the remains of Pilate was then no trace is found, the ring was around his finger with his death. He should him ever kwijtgespeeld.

Probably while he had his hands in innocence washed away.

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