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Red Flames reach highest FIFA ranking ever

61f3bcb86a0fe7fae2e42e12f5683d04 - Red Flames reach highest FIFA ranking ever

The Belgian national female team wins Friday on the new ranking of the Wereldvoetbalbond FIFA two places. The Red Flames jump to position 21, their best trading since the introduction of the ranking in 2003.

The previous classification dated back to the end of september. Two weeks later, the girls of coach Ives Serneels not over Switzerland (WR 18) and had a cross on their world cup dream.

In the new ranking, summing the Flames 1.803 points and takes them over Iceland (1.798 pts) and Austria (1.797 pts).

The next goal of the national women football is the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2021. In the preparation for the qualifications will be Belgium in april to practice in and against the United States. Which is still preserved in the FIFA ranking their first place for Germany and France, that England from the top three, however.

– FIFA ranking on 7 december (ranking on 28 september in parentheses) –

1. (1) United States 2123 points

2. (2) Germany 2057

3. (4) France 2046

4. (3) England to 2021

5. (5) Canada 2006

6. (6) Australia 1999

7.(10) the Netherlands, 1987

8. (7) Japan 1984

9. (9) Sweden 1976

10. (8) Brazil 1964

21.(23) Belgium 1803

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