New youth series on Ketnet

11cd85c2faafd28fd4efc286f198a483 - New youth series on Ketnet

Ketnet start Monday with the new youth series Buck, a coming-of-age story of an insecure teenager that distraction in a video game. Know The Newspaper. There’s also a real game, that free download is for tablet and smartphone. But the series is still on an other way, say, Buck got an E-mission-label, an award of the Flemish Audiovisual Fund for sustainable-made productions. “Cast, crew and suppliers deliver numerous efforts in the areas of energy, waste and CO2 reduction. There was paper work, there was also a weekly veggie day on set and we made use of second hand materials and props from the Practical. The productielokaal was decorated in a school in the neighborhood, and the caterer pulled his vegetables direct from the auction and used local products”, sounds at the VRT.

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