New liefdesgeluk for singer Xandee

34b21421beeff6085466c43bcfeaacfc - New liefdesgeluk for singer Xandee

Singer Xandee has a new love, for example, wrote Tv Family. Her status on Facebook was on december 1, also adapted to ‘Have a relationship’. The last few years have been one ordeal for Sandy Boets, such as Xandee really hot. She underwent many operations, including several heart surgeries, many surgeries on her legs and a tumor in the uterus. In addition, she lost earlier this year, her mother, and as if that wasn’t enough, it also stopped once her relationship with Jorg.

Hopefully, the pechjaren for the ex-singer of Touch of Joy is now over, and luck laughs at her final. With new liefdesgeluk there is already a nice step. Much wants to the singer about this, not yet lost, but her new status brings Sandy quite a lot of pleasant comments on Facebook.

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