Merkel fights against the tears in Hamburg

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HAMBURG – Angela Merkel was today, fighting against the tears. At the farewell as the president of her conservative CDU party had a lot of moisture in the eyes. “Thank you chef for eighteen years,’ was on the orange signs, which the electors and women up there. After eighteen years gives Merkel, now the baton to her successor.

The 1001 delegates in the Messehallen Hamburg thanked her with a standing ovation from less than nine minutes and fifteen seconds. “It was a big honour for me”, replied Merkel. The East-German daughter was from 2002 to the present continuously in the direction of Europe’s largest christian democratic party.

“I’m still not road hear,” warned Merkel. “I’ll stay, three years of federal chancellor and member of the CDU,” she joked. As the main task described they work on a ’peaceful society’. Merkel wants to continue to fight against the polarisation and radical sounds of the nationalist AfD: “We must not be people picking and against each other to play.”

The motto of the huge party congress is ’and merge together to give direction’. “We need East and West Germany merge, town and country, strong and weak, indigenous and ethnic minorities.” But the most important is the choosing of a new president, which will probably also CDU party leader and possible But successor as chancellor of the largest EU country.

Two candidates

At the election for a new leader of the German party CDU’s just between two people: Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, and Friedrich Merz. The third candidate, Jens Spahn, fell off after the first round in which none of the candidates have a majority of his career.

The three candidates got in first each time to the thousand-and-one electors to convince. Secretary-general Annegret Kramp Karrenbauer (AKK) stands for a moderate and pro-European course: “We have a European army, a European security council and a better protection of the Schengen-borders.” Also wants to AKK (55) the military, or social conscription again to enter.

Lawyer Friedrich Merz (63) was number two on the turn: The ex-chairman and arch-enemy of Merkel promised solemnly that he, as the chairman well with Merkel as chancellor would work together. “I want to run away voters of the radical right-wing AfD back again,” said the millionaire, a businessman, self-conscious. “They are a danger to the stability of our country.”

He also wants to do what to the dieselschandaal and the high costs of the Energiewende, the transformation to a sustainable energy supply. “Continue to expect the citizens that the state has the control over the borders reserves.”

Fallen off Spahn: “May nation not to lose”

Jens Spahn, the 38-year-old minister of Health, is the youngest of the bunch. He said, however, against a ” European super-state’, but do want to have a common policy on Foreign Affairs and Defence. And the outright gay politician called on: “We allowed our country to the radicals of the left, right, or the islamists lose.”

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