Martha Stewart launches shoe line

03bcc28e7f30ccbf961bfd19afc3bc65 - Martha Stewart launches shoe line

Martha Stewart

The 77-year-old lifestyle guru has selected a diverse collection of chic and stylish shoes, including stilettos, ballerinas and slippers. “I am very happy that I can work with Payless and a shoe collection to design that is both beautiful and affordable,” says Martha in a statement.

“It’s always been my goal has been to ever beautiful and well-made products on the market for the right price. Payless has the same objective of making us the perfect partners to work together and shoes that people can actually pay for.”

The shoes go up to 35 dollars, converted around 31 euro. The collection consists of 12 different shoes and even though the majority a black or neutral color has gotten, there will also pump in silver and grey sequins.

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